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Dušan Marino

Dušan Marino was born in 1989 in Pančevo where he lives and works. He holds a MA from the Faculty of Fine Arts of Belgrade. He manages the alternative art space "Galleria caffe" in Pančevo, which deals with the promotion of culture and the affirmation of young artists. In addition to visual arts, he deals with the design and production of interior details and is currently developing his studio "Marino design".

Through his artistic work, he wittily records everyday life, deals with ordinary things, popular culture, third and kitsch... but also with the complex relationship of an individual/man, his identity in relation to the time and circumstances that surround him and his unconscious view of himself. He almost always represents an individual without a face/identity, a person drowned in a group in many respects, and at the same time observes, records and emphasizes their often funny and even more often grotesque peculiarities. Placing his characters in certain situations from his childhood and growing up to the present day, he wants to preserve the scenes and patterns of behavior of the local "character" interesting to him at this moment. With her works, she points out to the observer the utilitarian content of her art, which is properly separated from the current aesthetic form. Until now, in addition to many group exhibitions and one solo exhibition, she has participated in numerous competitions where she was awarded. Selected as part of Perspectives 14, 2015. years.

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