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Iva Kuzmanović

Iva Kuzmanović was born in 1984 in Belgrade where she graduated from Department of Painting in the class of professor Čedomir Vasić, at the Faculty of Fine Arts. Since 2012, as a co-founder of the U10 Art Space and a regular member of U10 Collective, she has participated as an organizer, curator or artist in over one hundred group and solo exhibitions and cultural projects.

The series "How I consciously experienced the feeling of eroticism for the first time thanks to Emtivi: David Bowie, China Girl" emerged from the need to revalue the content of a personal memory and, on the other hand, the attitude towards sentimentality in general. The main motif of the series is the romantic scene of sunset and lovers in the waves, taken from the scene of David Bowie's music video. The works question the ephemerality of memory, the notion of sentimentality and the relationship to the past. Also, the works can be read in the key of postcolonial theories so that they question the assumed and inherited positions of power and the relationship to the "other" as an exotic object. The Crossfade triptych itself, which consists of three oil paintings on canvas in a metal frame: Sun, Crossfade and Kiss, are arranged in such a way as to suggest the narrative of the video sequence. Invisible transitions between scenes imply the passage of time. The metal frame is used as a distant reminiscence of the television. With the implementation of solid material, the images themselves grow into a performance, becoming closer to the image remembered in the past, from the TV screen. All images are in 4:3 proportions, which correspond to the proportions of analog televisions used in the 80s of the 20th century and dominantly used until the turn of the new millennium.

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