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Jovana Čajović

Jovana Čajović was born in 1994 in Kraljevo and lives and works in Novi Sad.

The works consist of different units, series of large-format paintings as well as collages and small-format drawings. Different series of works are characterized by colorful, clear and geometrically organized shapes. The pictures are divided into several series, one of the series consists of pictures made of colored panels that are not limited by the frame, frame and background, but are free forms. The focus of the image is the form, the construction of the image supported by the material in accordance with the color or absence of it, which represent important features and contribute to the three-dimensional appearance of the image. The construction of forms is based on a combination of reduction and construction of new forms that arose from basic geometric forms that are clean, clear and precisely fit into the whole. Also, it is built from the rhythms of the surface and color together, with that relationship they build an aesthetic-artistic sign, freed from social , ideological-political context. In this collaboration, the form acquires a new meaning and autonomy. Modification and separation of form is an exciting visual game and a way of questioning, which tends towards the goal of creating a pure artistic form as an individual aesthetic creation.

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