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Marija Šević

Marija Šević graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade at 2011, where she received MA in painting. As a scholar of the French government, she resided at l'Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris in the classes of professors Claude Closky and James Rielly. She is a co-founding member of U10 art space in Belgrade, working on managing exhibitions and events. She exhibited in solo and groups shows in Belgrade, Rome, Milan, London,Vienna, Basel, Los Angeles, Brasilia… She currently lives and works in Belgrade.

The central themes I explore as an artist are my private and social life, depicted as fragments. I try to visualize these personal and shared elements as singular and unique situations in time. In depicting the everyday life I see the possibility to connect with the viewers, allowing them to identify with the image or, perhaps, question and (de)construct their identity while contemplating it. My work is deeply rooted in emotional memory; life experience, childhood events as well as the immediate past. When I think of people and their uniqueness, I watch for the influence one person exerts on another, analyze group dynamics and, by extension, try to analyze social dynamics. I aim to understand how hardships or happiness become universal. In my artistic practice so far, I have tried to portray the feelings of belonging to certain moods and certain moments in time. I looked to unveil the meaning of personal freedom which I strive to achieve in private life.

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