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Ognjen Milanović


Ognjen Milanović, born in 1987 in Belgrade, graduated from the Graphic Department of the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade in 2013. He participated in group exhibitions and two solo exhibitions. In addition to fine art, he is also engaged in graphic design.

I create drawings out of the need to build my identity. Love, sadness, hope, death, melancholy, happiness, longing, anger and other emotions are the core of my creativity. In my works, I return them to their simplicity. I express myself through drawing, avoiding the modern, cold approach. I show the lines that I draw as threads that build one landscape, one message. I often use written Cyrillic because it's the first script I've come across and because I easily associate it with the drawn threads. I draw my thoughts and messages succinctly and expressively, connecting words and images into one artistic entity.

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