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Vladimir Vasić

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Vladimir Vasić was born in Belgrade in 1986. He graduated from the College of Fine and Applied Arts of Vocational Studies, Department of Graphics and has participated in numerous exhibitions and festivals including Demo Festival, Amsterdam (2019), Next Balkan - Contemporary Serbian Art, Sofia (2019), The Wrong Biennale, Copenhagen (2019). Unburdened by the fact that the discovery of already existing principles is the greatest human possibility, the field of interest is mainly reduced to the questioning of the mutual influence of man and nature.

The geometry of Vasić's art objects suggests the presence of an abstract mind characteristic of man, while the moving dynamic surface suggests material nature, as well as the dramatic forces and processes that act in it as well as in man himself. With a striking color that ranges from exaltedly optimistic to ominously dignified or coldly absent, Vasić's art objects touch on broad themes of the relationship between man and nature, the individual and the environment, etc. In a skilful combination of reduced abstract form, fresh optimistic color and agitated expressive materialization, Vasić's works make us think about the relationship between man and nature, about the limits of human perception of reality and many other similar archetypal themes.

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