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Ana Jakić Jevtović

Born in 1983 in Belgrade. Graduated from the Faculty of Applied Arts of the University of Belgrade in 2008. In the same year, he enrolled in specialization at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade in the Department of Graphics, which he completed in 2010. From 2008 to 2012, he worked as an expert - demonstrator at the Faculty of Graphic Arts at the Department of Graphics. Member of ULUS since 1.1.2009. Organized 27 solo exhibitions and participated in over 60 group exhibitions, domestic and international (New York, Singapore, Paris, Trieste...) He was awarded a three-month residency at the Cité internationale des arts in Paris in 2013, as well as a "Tropicallab" residency in Singapore in 2019. He is the winner of six awards for visual creativity, including the Prix Paul Louis Weller - awarded by the Academie des Beaux Arts in Paris, France. His works are in private and public collections around the world. He currently lives and works in Belgrade, Serbia.

Vladimir Lalić’s work encompasses a wide range of artistic disciplines, from drawing, painting, printmaking and collage through large-scale multi-media installations, to sound, video and musical compositions. His primary spheres of interest are directed towards existentialist re-questioning of the faith of the human race, people as individuals, and their collective yet distinctive nature. By de-contextualizing and deforming human and animal bodies, interiors which they inhabit or situations they find themselves in, Lalić provokes unease within the observer, fusing curiosity with disturbance. His goal is to offer unconventional answers to questions of what it means to be alive.

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